accepting designs from Great artists accepting designs from Great artists

GPM (Great People - Shopify store, connecting great artists with fashion, has decided to accept designs from great artists around the globe. At the time being in a centralized way in future we have bigger plans, p.s. in decentralized way. So by sending the design to us, you accept our terms written in this blog.

GPM terms:
By sending a design to us you agree that designs, the IP (intellectual property) are fully in your control that you either own it or have the rights to be sold, resold etc., and you fully agree that design are in rent relationship at us. Which means that you have the full power on the IPs. You can decide and tell us to delist the designs you send us etc, and we as GPM has the obligation to do it, in the shortest period of time but no longer then 7 days. The designs you send to us are therefore in renting relationship with us for indefinite time in future for the commercial purpose at print on demand products. However in case you send us the designs (IPs) and you are finalizing the talks about selling it to others, you are bond to advise us in written to our e-mail:, and GPM has 7 working days time to delist the products with that designs from our website(s) or/and store. We as GPM do not accept any consequences in case for example you sold the design to corporations like Gucci, or Prada etc, and that you did not advice us in advance. You are bond to agree that the designs you send to us are in full control at you and it is therefore your responsibility to advice us that it is not or that it will not be any more. 

Splitting profit:
In exchange for a design to be sold via our site to be commercially used at print on demand products you accept and full agree that we can modify the design to meet certain requirements, you fully agree that we can promote POD (print on demand products) with your designs together with your full name and surname on social media both free of charge promotion and as paid promotion, that goes for all social media, like Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Youtube, Reddit etc.
GPM does not agree to list all your designs, not that agrees that we shall promote each and every designs we receive from different artist, but GPM fully agrees and is bond that for designs we sold via our site and for the domains that points to this site to split the profit margin 30% vs 70%, 30% goes to the artists, and shall be payed on a monthly base each month at the last day of the month via Pay pall. You can track to see how a products with your design is being sold (or not sold) via (To be updated). You as the lender of the IP you have no hidden costs, not for listing products at stores, not for promotion costs, not for returning costs, not for damages, this is all on us.
For example let us say that a cost for a certain products with your designs with shipping and customs (including taxes) is 35 USD, and we at GPM sold it for 49.8 USD, the 30% of that gross profit  is yours indefinitely as long as the design is at us in a lent relationship. Since the IP is your control, you can use it elsewhere either it be that you want to sell it on other sites or that you intend to have your own shop and solely sell your designs there. However we fully agree that you promote the POD products with your designs on all social media.
These terms can be updated without prior notice. 

So if you want to try and see if your design is suitable and will be for print on demand products via our site, and you agree with the above terms, we welcome you and encourages you to send your work (designs, IPs) to our e-mail:, so we can try to have mutual benefits.

GPM team, 18.9.2022
Founder: Dejan Luzar
City: Novo mesto, SLO

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